CLE Events

Jake Hinkins, Esq. - Ethics (Annual Meeting 2017)

Sharee Laidlaw, Esq. - How to Have a Paralegal Career & a Life (April 2018 Brown Bag CLE)

Abigail E. Magrane, Esq. - What an Attorney Expects from Their Paralegal/Assistant (June 2018 Brown Bag CLE)

Edwin B. Parry, Esq. - The Basics of How a Collection Suit Works and the Steps Involved (August 2018 Brown Bag CLE)

Matt Warner, Esq. - Basics of Adoption in Utah (Annual Meeting 2018)

Jim Hunnicutt, Esq. and Julie Emery - Licensed Paralegal Practitioner (December 2018 Brown Bag CLE)

Aaron M. Waite, Esq. - Bankruptcy 101 from a Creditor's Perspective (February 2019 Brown Bag CLE)

Sharee Laidlaw, Esq. - How Not to Practice Law Without a License (April 2019 Brown Bag CLE)

(June 2019 Brown Bag CLE) - COMING SOON